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Intelligent insights

Our consulting services support innovative organisations to make data-driven decisions. We design, develop and deliver analytical solutions to drive a digital transformation.

We're demonstrating that with access to the right skills and experience, every organisation can extract actionable insights from their data.

Our clients

Our team is working with clients in:

  • Mining and resources, with a focus on exploration, extraction and minerals processing.
  • Energy, including analytics for regulated infrastructure businesses, wholesale market simulation, and strategies for adopting renewable technologies.
  • Transport optimisation and infrastructure investment planning.
  • Customer analytics, market segmentation, personalised pricing and revenue optimisation with recommendation systems.

Solutions to generate value

Problem definition

We're helping organisations to improve their analytical capabilities. Whether your organisation has 10 or 10,000 employees, our team can help you define and implement a fit-for-purpose solution to unlock value from your data.

New technologies

Whether you're after a dashboard visualisation or a full-stack analytical solution, the a+ds development team can assist. We're experts in applying state of the art machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence algorithms to solve previously intractable problems.

Consumer Insights

Need to rapidly scale your analytics capability? a+ds can provide resources matched to your experience and price requirements. Our flexible resourcing arrangements are providing clients with the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape.

Unlocking the power of data

a + ds employs a range of tools and techniques from the fields of machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence to help address the challenges faced in the mining, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

Our approach is to apply innovative new techniques to enhance the capabilities of traditional economic, financial and statistical analytical techniques.

We're helping organisations to see the true value of their data, moving beyond static insight generation proceses to create actionable insights in real time.

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